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FALL 2020 Programs 

Who We Are

We have over 10 years of academic enrichment experience in New York City through our community learning centers.
We are now bringing the same friendly and quality service online.

Every student is different; therefore, we tailor our programs to help each child. We offer custom solutions according to their troubles, needs, personality, academic strengths and weaknesses.

Distracted? Need more attention? We have one- on- one private tutoring sessions to target those that needs the extra push.

Not all of us believes in standardized testing; however, we can't ignore the fact that we need to go through a few in order to prove ourselves as students. We offer test prep solutions in a range of standardized testings.

The future is not always clear. Even as parents, we may not know what's "the best". We offer consultations for academic strategies, exams, and school choices.

Education is Teamwork

Motivated Student

Passionate Teachers

Involved Parents

Experienced Tutors