About Us

Our founders started their tutoring business in 2009 in their own homes, and as our  number of students grew, we expanded to physical centers in Brooklyn, NY. The center was beloved by many of the students and parents; also winning "Best of Brooklyn- Tutoring Service" awards for many years. Throughout the years, we have helped over a thousand students through after school programs, week programs, test preps, summer school, summer camp, and one on one private tutoring.  As the world around us is evolving to a digital society, we want to be able to spread our service to more students; therefore, expanding to an online platform. We hope to bring the same friendly, affordable, and quality to service to our students nationwide.

Mission & Vision

While there are many tutoring programs available to help older students with exams such as  Regents, SATs, GREs. GMATs; we feel that there is not many services that are tailored for younger students. We feel that students in elementary school and junior high school need the assistance just as much, if not more. This is the period of time where they build they educational foundation for future learning. We want to provide a high quality and tailored academic enrichment to the younger students so they can succeed earlier in the future. 

Ingredients for a Student's Academic Success

It requires a lot more than just attending school for a child to be academically successful.  There are a few important ingredients to help a child succeed and these includes their motivation, parent involvement, teacher's passion, and an experienced tutor.

First, the child has to be motivated and paying attention, if they are distracted or unwilling then they start falling behind. However, its not always their fault, as parents and professionals we need to talk to them and find out the problems and difficulties they are facing. This can help increase their willingness and motivation.

Many parents believe that once the child goes to school, they don't need to put much effort into their education and its the school's job. However, it is completely the opposite. The more engaged and involved the parents are, the more support the child feels and this increases their motivation in learning.

Their school teachers are the ultimate source of knowledge and role model. There is nothing worse than a child paired with a bad teacher the whole school year. However, even the best teachers are not able to care for each student equally; simply because one of them can not care for a classroom full of students.

This is why a good tutor is important! A good tutor will spend the quality time with each of their students whether its a small group or private tutoring. Many tutors, when spending time helping the students, will be able to pinpoint the troubles that the student has and come up with a tailored solution much quicker than a teacher can.


"Thank you for helping my children imrove in their studies."

We are really satisfied with their  program. The summer program is just great as well as their programs during the school year. The staff is awesome and sweet.  Thank you so much for the great work and the attention to detail.

She learned a lot and had a lot of fun there. I am impressed by the complexity and high level of curriculum and homework. She built a habit of finishing her homework in a timely manner.




1840-1846 Bath Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11214


Tel: 917-803-8871

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